Free-N-Fun Halloween


Flamingo Costume


  • Fitted pink t-shirt
  • Black leggings
  • Black shoes
  • Pink Velcro®
  • Clear packing tape
  • Neon pink haute fur
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Clear Craft Glue Dots®
  • Hot Pink Plastic Tableskirts
  • Pink Feather Boas
  • Light Pink Ostrich Feathers
  • Hot Pink Ostrich Feathers
  • Pastel Sequin Tiara
  • Sequin Assortment
  • Hot Pink Large Tulle Roll
  • Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Jewels


To make the top:

  1. Using the neon pink haute fur and hot glue gun, glue the haute fur to the front of the shirt and on the sleeves.
  2. Using one of the pink feather boas, center the boa with the shirt and hot glue the boa around the neck area of the shirt. Allow the extra ends of the boa to hang on the backside.

To make the bottom:

  1. Using the hot pink plastic tableskirt Measure around your waist and cut the tableskirt so it will have about 4" of overhang. Attach the pink Velcro® to the 4" of overhang using Glue Dots® or hot glue.
  2. Trim the length of the skirt to be about 6" long.
  3. Once the top part of the skirt is made, open the skirt up and flip it over so the front is facing down. Keep adding longer and wider layers to the skirt with the rest of the tableskirt to make the bottom progressively longer. Remove the adhesive strip and also secure each layer with Glue Dots®.
  4. Once all the layers are complete you will have to shape the skirt to create nice round corners and is short in the front and progressively longer in the back.
  5. Using packing tape, tape over the top part of the tableskirt to secure it in place.
  6. Once the skirt base is done, flip it back over so the outside is facing up.
  7. On the bottom layer lay out each ostrich feather. Once you have decided the placement of the feathers, use packing tape to secure each feather. Make sure the feathers can be seen when the next layer is laying on top of it.
  8. Once the feathers are secured, cut strips of the hot pink tulle and, using the packing tape, tape each end of the tulle to the tableskirt on top of the feathers to help fluff out each layer of the skirt.
  9. Repeat this step for each layer of the skirt.
  10. Trim the ends of the feathers.
  11. Along the top of the skirt, use hot glue or Glue Dots® to adhere each feather right next to each other.

To make the headpiece:

  1. Hot glue the ostrich feathers to the pastel sequin tiara.
  2. Hot glue pink sequins to the front of the tiara covering the ends of the feathers.

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