Free-N-Fun Halloween


Giant Bubble Bottle Costume


  • Various sizes of Styrofoam balls
  • Large White Tulle
  • Hot glue/Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Large Foam Sheets (enough to make a cylinder)
  • White Ribbon
  • 20 x White and Blue Pipe Cleaners
  • Large rectangular sheet of cardboard
  • White outfit
  • Shoes with embellishment or bow
  • Canvas Bag
  • Purple Acrylic Paint


To make the bubble bottle:

  1. Begin by laying out the foam sheets on a flat surface to gauge the size. Size will depend on how tall and how wide it needs to be to fit around the wearer and not lose its cylinder shape once both ends of the rectangle shape are joined.
  2. When you have established the size, hot glue the sheets together in flat “strips,” with the glued “seams” to be on the inside of the soon-to-be cylinder. Reinforce your shape by gluing another layer of foam sheets onto the inside of the rectangular shape.
  3. On the outside of the blue rectangle (soon-to-be cylinder), glue your white foam sheets in a strip in the center of your blue foam horizontally.
  4. The white foam strip is your bubble bottle’s label; decorate accordingly.
  5. Make large rectangle into a cylinder by shaping around the wearer. When your rectangle becomes tubular, hot glue the ends together. You may have excess to trim before hot gluing if your cylinder will be too large of a diameter for the wearer’s comfort.
  6. Place wearer inside of cylinder and measure where the bottle needs to hang. Using small pieces of excess foam sheet, glue pieces of ribbon to the inside of the cylinder in a suspender-type fashion, starting at the front. Be sure to adjust the ribbons for the desired level of hang before gluing the opposite ends of the ribbons to the back of the cylinder.

To make bubbles:

  1. Cut swatches of white tulle to fit around individual white Styrofoam balls. Enclose Styrofoam balls in tulle swatches and secure with white pipe cleaners. Keeping in mind areas you want bubble patches to be, make interesting bouquets of bubbles of various sizes. Secure them all together with mutual pipe cleaners.
  2. To attach your bubble bouquets to the bubble bottle cylinder, hot glue them down using the excess tulle that is gathered at the opposite end of the white pipe cleaners.

To make the bubble hair arrangement:

  1. Repeat step 1 under “make bubbles” and pin the piece to the wearer’s hair with bobby pins.

To make the “floating” bubbles:

  1. Cut approximately 4’ of tulle lengthwise. Create a seam of tulle by folding the 4’ length of tulle over the horizontal plane and hot gluing along the edge. Place Styrofoam balls of various sizes inside of the tulle seam. Allow the balls to float freely. Tie a knot in each end of the bubble seam.

To make wrist and shoe decorations:

  1. Repeat step 1 under “make bubbles” and hot glue to white ribbons. Tie bubbles with ribbons around wrists and shoelaces.

To make the bubble wand:

  1. Sketch a wand outline on a large rectangular strip of cardboard. Once satisfied, cut out your design and paint.

To create the trick-or-treat bag:

  1. Hot glue a bubble bouquet onto the front. Twist blue pipe cleaners into swirls and hot glue design as desired.

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