Free-N-Fun Halloween


Gnome Child’s Costume


  • Cone hat
  • Boots
  • Medium white craft bags
  • Felt sheets, white and black
  • Foam sheets, red and yellow
  • Brown pants
  • Blue shirt
  • White fringe
  • White craft glue
  • Red paint


Gnome Hat:

  1. Form cone hat, paint red and let dry.
  2. Cut a 2” circle from the white felt and affix to cone hat.
  3. Attach elastic cord to the cone hat.
  4. Attach white fringe to the cone hat, tying through the elastic cord holes to secure.

Candy Bag:

  1. Cut two mushroom tops from the pattern with red foam.
  2. Affix mushroom tops to each side of the bag and let dry.
  3. Cut oval mushroom spots from white felt.
  4. Affix mushroom spots randomly to the mushroom tops and let dry.

Gnome Shirt:

  1. Lay blue shirt out with cardboard or other divider inside the shirt.
  2. Cut buckle from the yellow foam.
  3. Cut two 2” strips from the black felt, enough to wrap around the shirt.
  4. Slide the black foam strips through the slits in the buckle, meeting them at the center. Secure with glue.
  5. Once the buckle and belt strips are dry, affix to the front of the gnome shirt with glue and let dry.
  6. After the front is dry, flip the shirt over and secure the remaining strips around the back of the shirt.

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