Free-N-Fun Halloween


Shark Attack Victim Costume


  • Surf Board Stand–Up
  • Shorts
  • Tank Top or T-shirt
  • Flip Flops
  • Hawaiian Shirt (can be torn)
  • Gauze Bandages
  • Fake Blood


To make the costume:

  1. Cut the edges of the Hawaiian shirt so it looks torn. A deep “v” shape will look great. Don’t forget to cut the sleeves, hem and collar.

To make the surfboard:

  1. Carefully remove the stand from the back.
  2. Then cut off the base leaving just the surfboard.
  3. Draw a shark bite out of the top portion of the board, carefully cut out the bite. Tip: pointed teeth will look more like a shark bite. For stability tape the support sticks onto the back of the surfboard (included). You may also reuse the stand from the board but adjust it so the fold on the stand is not meeting the fold of the board. Secure with wide tape.


  1. Once dressed in costume, wrap head, arm and leg in gauze bandages.
  2. Apply fake blood to the “wounds” for effect.

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