Free-N-Fun Halloween


Shark Costume


  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
  • White Canvas Bag
  • Shark Fin Costume Accessory
  • Grey sweatshirt with hood
  • Grey sweatpants
  • Felt: white, black, pink


To create the costume:

  1. Measure the opening of the hood on the sweatshirt. Use this measurement as a guide for your row of shark teeth. Make sure the teeth reach to each end of the hood opening.
  2. Create your teeth in a long strip, keeping some extra felt on the bottom edge to attach the gums. Use two or more strips if needed.
  3. Use the pink felt to make the gums of the shark. Glue this layer to the strip of teeth.
  4. Allow to dry, then glue your teeth & gums to the inside edge of the hood.
  5. Make two large eyes and attach to the sides of the hood.
  6. Use white felt to make a contrast throat area for your shark if desired. This trick works well for covering any design printed on the sweatshirt.
  7. Add the shark fin to the back of the sweatshirt.
  8. Remove the elastic straps from the shark fin and attach with glue or safety pins
  9. Add fake blood to the teeth if desired.

To create the treat bag:

  1. Decorate your treat bag as desired with paint, markers, or fun accessories. Some fun suggestions: Draw a bite taken out of the corner of the bag. Add a picture of a shark or fish. Make the bag look like a “No Swimming” sign.

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