Free-N-Fun Halloween


Strong Man Costume


Costume materials:

  • Black tank top
  • Black pair shorts
  • Pair of black tennis shoes or boots
  • Black balloons
  • Craft rolls
  • Large foam sheets
  • Faux Mustache
  • Faux Tattoos
  • Black and white paint
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Clear packaging tape

Treat bag materials:

  • Large Foam Sheets
  • White Gift Bags
  • White Paint
  • Glue


To make the costume:

  1. Chose a color from the foam sheets and cut them into strips to make a belt. Cut strips according to the size of child's waist and how wide you want the belt itself to be. Tape the strips together at the ends to make the belt. Cut a buckle out of the foam. Glue to one end of the belt. On the other end of the belt use a hole punch to add the holes to the belt.
  2. Cut 2 wrist cuffs out of foam according to size of child's wrist. Tape or glue ends together of cuffs together.
  3. Dress child in black clothing. Attach foam belt, cuffs and the fake mustache. Add tattoos as desired.

To make the barbell:

  1. Blow up two black balloons of equal size. Paint the weight in white onto each balloon. Allow time to dry.
  2. Paint three to four craft rolls black. Allow time to dry.
  3. Tape the craft rolls together to make the bar. Punch one hole into the craft rolls at each end of the bar. Pull the knotted end of one balloon through one of the punched holes on the craft rolls. Repeat for the other balloon.

To make the treat bag:

  1. Paint the white gift bag black. Cut four foam triangles the length of the bag out of black foam. Tape one triangle to each side of the bag. Paint the weight in white onto the front and back of the bag. Allow time to dry.

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