Free-N-Fun Halloween


Bat Paper Lanterns

“Ghouls” and boys of all ages will love creating these easy bat paper lanterns!  Decorate your home or front porch with these bats for a spooky, kid-friendly scene.


  • Mini Paper Lanterns
  • Liquid Watercolor Paint
  • Colored Craft Foam
  • Adhesive
  • Template
  • Ribbon


  1. Assemble the paper lantern and paint it with the violet liquid water color paint. Allow to dry.
  2. Use the printable template to trace and cut out two bat wings, ears, eyes, fangs, and a nose and smile out of colored craft foam.
  3. Glue the foam pieces onto the paper lantern as shown and allow to dry. Tie a length of ribbon onto the lantern for the hanger.

Download PDF

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