Free-N-Fun Halloween


Boo! Popcorn Boxes

For your next scary movie night, give your guests these adorable boxes and let the compliments begin! Fill with popcorn, candy and any other scary surprises (maybe a plastic spider or two) to really set the mood!


  • Mini Popcorn Boxes
  • Neon Patterned Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Circle Punches
  • Halloween Foam Shapes
  • Neon Napkins
  • Toothpicks/Dowels


  1. Cut 3”x 12” strips from a 12”x 12” sheet of hot pink paper. Fold each strip of paper like an accordion.
  2. Put the ends of the folded piece of paper together, glue into place. You may need to place a couple more dots of glue in other places to keep in a circle shape.
  3. Print out the PDF free printable, and punch each circle out with a medium sized circle punch.
  4. Glue each punch to the front of a paper pinwheel. Glue your paper pinwheel to the front of a mini popcorn box.
  5. Using foam shapes or your own freehand Halloween shapes, glue one to the front of a wooden dowel or pick, and place inside the popcorn box.

Download PDF

Note: If you have trouble viewing the PDF, right-click the download button, and select "Save Target As…" to download the file.