Free-N-Fun Halloween


Silly Spiders Candy Containers

These little guys are sure to spin a web of smiles! More kooky than spooky, these silly spider candy containers are as fun to create as they are to hand out. Even if spiders make your spine-tingle, the soft and fuzzy noses and chenille stem legs are sure to make these favors a favorite among all your guests.


  • Round Metal Containers with Clear Lids
  • Spooky Eye Brads
  • Back Chenille Stems
  • Pom-pom
  • Adhesive


  1. Cut and bend chenille stems to make the legs. Glue to the bottom of the tin.
  2. Bend the prongs down flat on the eye brads and glue to the lid of the tin.
  3. Glue a pom-pom to the tin to make the spiders’ nose.
  4. Fill with treats.

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