Free-N-Fun Halloween


Spooky Spiders

Create these fun to make Spooky Spiders to embellish your candles and create a one-of-a-kind Halloween decoration! Would also make cute napkin rings for a sophisticated Halloween party!

Helpful Tips: For smaller spider, cut leg wires to desired length after placing on body and use smaller body bead. For other wire used, try 22 or 24 gauge. For children, substitute chenille stems for wire.


  • Gold tone .05 Metal Wire
  • Large Acrylic Faceted Purple Beads
  • 4-6mm AB Black Cut Glass Crystal Beads
  • 4-6mm Amethyst Cut Glass Crystal Beads
  • 4-6mm Emerald Cut Glass Crystal Beads
  • 4-6mm Sunset Orange Cut Glass Crystal Beads
  • 12mm Black & White Dot Glass Beads


  1. To make a large spider, cut four 6” lengths of wire to form the eight legs. For a smaller spider, cut leg wires to desired length after placing on the body and use a smaller bead for the body.
  2. Cut another piece of wire approximately 8” to form the body, head and eyes.
  3. To make the body, thread a large acrylic bead, small acrylic bead and two small orange crystals on the 8” wire. Make a small loop on the bottom of the wire. Leaving 3” of wire on the top, fold the wire over the small crystals to form the eyes and insert the wire into the small acrylic bead and twist the two wires together.
  4. Take all four 6” wire pieces and starting on top, wrap them once around the wire between the head and body beads. Arrange the eight wires for legs in the lengths desired.
  5. Push the large acrylic bead as close to twisted wires in center, leave 3/8” on bottom and trim excess. Make a loop to secure body of spider beads. To make the spider an ornament, make the bottom loop big enough for ribbon or string.

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