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Eyeball Donuts Recipe

Jeepers creepers! Bet you can’t get enough of these peepers! With just a couple of easy-to-follow steps, you’ll be serving up a number of these ghoulish goodies in no time. But you better get your sights on these quick, because they’re sure to be gone in a blink!


  • Mini Frosted Donuts
  • Brown Candy-Coated Chocolate
  • Round Gummy Candy
  • Red Decorator Icing (in the tube)


  1. Use the red decorator icing to pipe the eyeball veins onto the mini powdered donut.
  2. Assemble the eye pupil by using the icing to glue the brown candy coated chocolates on top of the round gummy candies. Glue the completed pupil to the mini frosted donut. Allow time for your icing to set.

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