Free-N-Fun Halloween


Scary Eyes


  • Pumpkin
  • Printed stencil
  • Tape
  • Scoop
  • Poker
  • Knife
  • Battery-operated votive candle


  1. Carefully carve a large hole in the top of your pumpkin so you can scoop out the pulp.
  2. Print out the pumpkin stencil. You may need to resize your stencil via printer or copy machine to fit your pumpkin.
  3. Tape your stencil to the pumpkin. Transfer the design onto the pumpkin by poking holes through the template with a plastic poking tool (available in our pumpkin-carving kits). Remove the stencil.
  4. To begin carving your pumpkin, start at the center of your design and work outward. Begin with the innermost and/or smallest details. Carefully remove the cut pumpkin shapes.
  5. Insert a battery-operated votive candle in the base of the pumpkin. Replace the top of the pumpkin and enjoy.

Download PDF

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